Brighton Marathon Training - Ian Dumbrell

Beetroots – I am running the Brighton marathon again this September, all being well. I have run it three times before and the race has always won. I owe it this year by not crying in Shoreham. So I need to take my training and particularly my long runs seriously, #BeMoreLikeShelagh.

I will be doing the schedule shown between now and race day in addition to any speedy stuff we do as a club.

I would be delighted to be joined by anyone who enjoys a group run. If you have an Autumn marathon lined up and these mileages help, and the pace is there or thereabouts for you then come along. These pace ranges are pretty broad, and you can always adjust durations to your training plan by adding bits, finishing up early, or adding more pace as you see fit. Join as many runs as you like or as few runs as you like.

My body clock and need for porridge pre-run mean that I aim to start these between 8am and 9am on any given Sunday. I can be flexible beyond that when I am in a good mood. Locations would be one of the Downs, Downslink, Brighton Seafront, Worth Way, Forest Way, and the mean streets of Haywards Heath/Cuckfield/Lindfield/Scaynes Hill. I’ll let you know where a week ahead based on the weather.

My Easy Pace is anywhere between 5:30 – 6:00 mins per km, or 8:52 – 9:40 mins per mile.

My Marathon Pace is 5:11 mins per km / 08:21 mins per mile. Anything faster than that is NOT a Sunday speed. Tuesday nights are for all of that speedy stuff!

Like all good plans things may change as the mileage goes by, but this is a good initial stab at a plan. I will be reviewing as we head toward September. Of course, marathon training plans have lots of other elements like tempo, speed, and lots of recovery runs that we will all need to have in our individual plans but this gives us a fighting chance of getting some good mileage in.

If anyone has questions about any of this then let me know via WhatsApp, E-Mail, carrier pigeon. If you want to come along to a run let me know and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group.


Ian D.