This is the area of the hub where you can find out who’s got similar interests and targets to you. Or just decide that you want to run with someone else over a different distance at a slower or faster pace than you usually do. You can join a group for a regular training run – to keep yourself honest to your plans – or just dip in and out as you wish!

Welcome to Group Runs!

About Group Runs

'Group Runs' are offered by Haywards Heath Harriers and each Group is led by a quailified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) or Accredited Coach. This is a requirement of our insurance and complies with our Code of Conduct and Safeguarding. 

When selecting which Group (s) you wish to join, have a look at the general description and pace. If you are not sure if the Group is right for you, contact the Group Leader who will be very happy to talk though your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Our focus is on the wellbeing and safety of all our athlethes as well as the general public so please follow any instructions / guidence offered by the Group Leaders. 

Group Leader Runs

General training runs just cos it’s fun to run with someone else, usually Thursdays or weekends in different locations winter and summer.

Target Race + Distance

Group leaders organise training runs for specific times, races or distances.


Club Impact Events

Coached and or led sessions targeting such things as cross country , SDW Relay or even parkrun tourism - a monthly outing to a specific parkrun event.