The first Highwayman newsletter was produced in January 1996 with the intention of forming a link with its members through interesting articles, news and results. It was historically a staple of club life but, as times moved on, the Highwayman fell by the wayside. No longer did it demand you 'stand and deliver'...

Well the good news is we're back, but we look a bit different this time. We hope you like the new direction and would encourage all of our members to take a active part in making the Highwayman a compelling read.  

- Your Dandy Highwayman -

Welcome to your Highwayman 'Club Hub'

Hi there... and a big welcome to your new Highwayman; we hope this will become an essential point of reference for all our members as we move to make information easier to find and more relevant to all parts of the club.

The Highwayman is designed to be a member focused 'club hub' where we will present and curate lots of information that we hope is interesting and informative - whether this be helpful video content, upcoming matters of club interest, news, or social information, we hope that you find it useful.

But who is 'we', well that's a great question and one that, over time, I hope to be able to answer as 'everyone'. Like all things with the club, passionate volunteers and supporters make everything tick; we cannot do what we do without them. We want the Highwayman to be an extension of this spirit and act as open forum for members to contribute compelling content - got a story to tell that others would find interesting?... let us know about it. Perhaps you have some great video tips on training or a particularly amazing yoga course that keeps you from seizing up like a bag of spanners, ditto, or maybe you have an issue that you are passionate about, let us know.

This is your Highwayman and everyone is very welcome!

Andy Hind - Co-Chair | Haywards Heath Harriers

Did you know...

A quick round up of what's happening!

Thanks for coming to the Harriers Social

We had quite a crowd joining us at the Sloop last Friday, despite the wet weather. Many of you ran there an back which made for a fun, if muddy experience. Thanks again to Rob Watts for organising!

Group Runs are now live!

Our much requested Group Runs training is now live. Check out the training options and groups on offer and get involved. You can access it from the ClubHub Group Runs section or directly here.

Congrats to our Mens Vets T&F team as they took top spot in a hotly contested final meet of the Sussex Masters League - read our report here

Congratulations! A busy Harriers weekend...

Our mixed SDW Relay team completed the grueling 100mile race while Michael Burke and Phil Payne conquered on the Lakeland 100 and 3 Peaks Challenge respectively. Well done to all of you! Great effort and Beetroot spirit!

Welcome to Group Runs

This is the area of the hub where you can find out who’s got similar interests and targets to you. Or just decide that you want to run with someone else over a different distance at a slower or faster pace than you usually do. You can join a group for a regular training run – to keep yourself honest to your plans – or just dip in and out as you wish!

To help you decide, we’ve organised this under three headings

  1. Group Leader Offers – general training runs just cos it’s fun to run with someone else, usually Thursdays and weekends, in different locations winter and summer
  2. Target race and distance – group leaders organise training runs for specific times, races or distances.
  3. Club Impact – coached and or led sessions targeting such things as XC, SDW or even parkrun tourism, a monthly outing to a specific parkrun event.

We’d also like to hear news of what races you’re aiming for. Other Harriers might have entered too and it would be a pity not to share the experience with someone else, even if its just a lift when we are allowed to car share…. So, have you entered a run you’ d like to share with others here? If there’s enough interest perhaps we can get one of our esteemed Group Leaders to set up a group!


Submit your ideas for stories to the Highwayman

Performance and Improvement

Coaches training updates

Keep up to date with our coaches and benefit from their training tips!

Coach Martin's training tips are shared on Beetroot Coaching Whatsapp Group - to join, ask the admin.

1 August 2021 - copy of the email set to all members.  

Hello members 


Following the government announcement that Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted after 19th July, we wanted to let you know about one or two changes to Tuesday training. 

You may have already heard from your coach, but this is in addition to their advice. 

Firstly, we will continue to be careful and considerate of others. Hand sanitiser will be available near the pavilion so be thoughtful when sharing equipment.   

We are not using the cricket pavilion, but a toilet will be left open during training. It can be accessed at the side of the building, near the AED, under the heading ‘Officials Changing Rooms’. 

From August 3rd, we intend to reintroduce ‘notices’ at 7pm. This will take place in front of the pavilion at 7pm and last no longer than a couple of minutes, so senior and inters training can start no later than 7.05pm.  If anyone prefers to avoid unnecessary crowding, please feel comfortable about staying away from the notices. We won’t take offence! 

Also, notices for the 5pm and 6pm  Junior groups will resume as before. 

We have read the latest advice from England Athletics: 

and we would like to draw your attention to this extract:

'It should be made clear to everybody potentially involved it is their personal responsibility not to turn up to the activity if displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms as outlined in the UK Government guidance.  It is also a personal responsibility to assess personal risk at an event and be aware that clubs and competition providers may impose local restrictions for health and safety and COVID-19 reasons. 

So, please stay away from training, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. 

Many thanks for your support 

HHH Coaches and Co Chairs 

Now that we are starting to resume competitions, we have taken the opportuity to update our Track & Field records spreadsheet. If you fancy a dip into the numbers, click here.

Looking After Yourself

Coach Martin talks about... trusted information and its role in injury prevention

There are many videos available online and many weekly publications, books, courses, and people making money on what works for them in training all with a subtext that this will work for you too.

So what I’m aiming to do on the 'Club Hub' is surface content from EA (England Athletics) a trusted source, and point out some sections for you which are worth looking at. It won’t necessarily be all “correct” as there are differing views about training even with professors for example studying the same areas.

In this week’s video for example, I think there will be broader views expressed about the value of cool down but that doesn’t stop me from recommending this as a great watch.

So, one of the most recent additions EA coaching website is a series the topic of “ Beat the Physio and how to avoid injury”.  There are four parts to this, about an hour in total but don’t panic if you don’t want to watch them all, I’ll give a few pointers for you on what I think are the “must watch” bits!

It’s not the catchiest of titles to attract athletes is it! You might think it’s all about what you’re doing wrong. Well maybe it’s not that you’re doing something wrong, but perhaps it’s not seeing the context and value that it can bring to you. So when I’m coaching with warm up, range of movement, drills, I sometimes wonder if I’ve got the group’s attention, or if you’re thinking “let’s get on with the session, I’ve come here to run!”

What I like about this video is that the physio - great credentials by the way, a former Royal Marine and international at 800m (under 1:50) also with pbs of 14:54 for 5k and 70:17 for HM sets out the reasons why we coaches include some aspects in training sessions, and why as runners you can also benefit from thinking about these things too.

This is about 18 mins long. If that’s too much for you in one go, for me the must watch 6 mins or so are: the sections about warm up and cool down (approx 9 to 11 mins in) and a fab summary about mobility from 14 mins to the end.

There were a couple of real gems:
- how to design the right stretches for you based on your relative flexibility now - strength or stretch?
- fitting things into every day life such as balancing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth (Mullen, T. used to do squats fyi)

That’s not to say that choice of footwear and running surface won’t catch your eye!

Coach Martin 

The Middy Report

Our resident reporter, Paul Cousins works his editorial magic with another Harriers infused helping of the Middy report.

For the w/c 25 July 2021

Lucie Venables shines at Kingston!

Lucie Venables is a seasoned track athlete who trains and competes for Haywards Heath Harriers in track and field competitions. She competed recently at the Sussex Masters Athletics Champs at Kingston on 18 July.

She said to me (referring to her most recent competition), “I won 5 Gold medals on Sunday at Kingston at the Sussex Veterans Championships. This was all in the 35 to 40 age group"

These were in:

400m hurdles (82.28 seconds), a new club record beating the previous record held by Jenny Denyer (88.5 seconds) that stood since 1995.

Triple jump (8 metres 61 centimetres)

100 metres (14.77 seconds)

200 metres (31.34 seconds)

Long jump (4 metres 45 centimetres) also a new club record beating her previous club record effort by a massive 40 centimetres!).

The week before at the Southern Athletics League, Lucie had broken her own 100m hurdles club record with 21.0 seconds. “I didn’t do these hurdles at the weekend as thought six events was too much!”. Lucie also reflected on the late Bob Ruff, adding, “Sorry Paul I should have added - the long jump Bob (Ruff) would definitely been over the moon and very pleased with, so that was for him!”

Bob Ruff sadly passed away last year and was the Harriers senior sprints coach for over 20 years.

Mike Bale recently competed in the BMAF Throws Pentathlon Championships, held on 27th June at Horspath, Oxford. It was his first outing in a Men Over 65’s competition. He managed six personal bests and six age 65 records club records. His results were as follows:

Hammer       31.97 metres    (pb/cr).

Shot             7.88 metres       (pb/cr).

Discus          27.08 metres     (pb/cr).

Javelin         17.05 metres     (pb/cr).

9.08 Weight  12.51 metres    (pb/cr).

Throws Pentathlon score: 2575 points  (pb/cr).

Mike also competed at the Sussex Masters County Champs at Kingston on 18th July. He competed in five events gaining three golds, one silver and one bronze:

His results were:

Hammer    Gold (31.13 metres).

Discus    Gold (25.71 metres).

Weight    Gold (12.27 metres).

Shot    Silver (7.73 metres).

Javelin    Bronze (with a new personal best/club record of 17.70 metres).

Chris Russell also competed at The Sussex Masters Champs at Kingston. Competing in three events in the Vet men’s 60 age group, Chris came home with three county medals and set personal bests in three events. He struck Gold in the 400m (74.83 seconds), a silver in the 1500 metres (5 minutes 38.48 seconds) and as second silver in the 5000 metres (22 minutes 12.97 seconds.)

Carl Bicknell narrowly missed out on a medal in the Vet Men’s 55 age group in the 5000 metres race with a finishing time of 21 minutes and 51 seconds.

Three Harriers took part in the Caterham Half Marathon at Redhill Aerodrome on 18 July. In sweltering conditions, Julian Boyer finished in 1 hour 38 minutes and 44 seconds, Barry Tullett finished in 1 hour 41 minutes and 56 seconds (with his older brother, Pete (in yellow above running for Chelmsford AC) claiming silver in the Men’s over 60’s). Paul Cousins finished in 1 hour 41 minutes and 46 seconds. This race incorporated the British Masters Athletics Federation Half Marathon Championships.

Other Harriers results:

The Phoenix 10 kilometres race was held on Wednesday 14 July. This mid-week evening race was a run very humid and balmy evening down on Hove Prom. The runners completing an out-and-back course to Carat’s Café.

Harriers results were:

11th James Skinner 34:26, 19th Ben Duncan 35:59, 36th Phil Payne 37:12, 38th Jamie Topping 37:18, 45th Will Herbert 37:53, 77th Ryan Armstrong 40:45, 160th Phil Scott, 47:32, 168th Dave Harper 47:59, 209th Sarah King 51:38, 269th Amy Lovejoy 62:26.

The 21st Bewl 15 Mile race on 4th July

First home for the Harriers in 56th place was Andy Guy in 2 hours 4 mins 52 secs followed by Siobhan Amer in 63rd place in 2 hours  6 mins 35 secs. Next was Bryan Tiller in 77th pace in 2 hours 8 mins 51 secs, 215th was Andrew Wilson in 2 hours 32 mins 38 secs and lastly (but not least) was Andy Henry in 381st place with 3 hours 7 mins and 9 secs.

The Focus 10k race at Borde Hill on 4th July.

This race was run over the local countryside at Borde Hill with five Haywards Heath Harriers finishing in the top eleven places. James Moffat finished in a super second place in 40 minutes and 40 seconds. He was backed up by Tim Miller in 43:13 in fifth place. Pete Francis in sixth with 43:28, Steve Dallman was tenth with 44:52 and James Bennett twelfth with 45:07.

Other Harriers finishers were:

16th Sim Wishlade 46:09, 19th Isobel Russell 49:02, 31st Phil Scott 52:11, 36th Ian Tomkins 53:22, 70th Liz Earley 60:11


The Longer Read... Richard Bates - '40 Years Running'

Words Richard Bates | Pictures Richard Bates & Andy Hind

Joining Harriers in 1995, Richard is a rare breed of runner who shuns modern technology and eschews a ‘run to time, not distance’ mantra. With a meticulous and extensive logbook of running exploits, his running tales may one day fill its own book, but for now, let’s hear Richard’s story.

'I think I should expand on how I came to start recording my runs and which in fact probably ensured I maintained running down the years. It was around the time of the first London Marathon. I got into running via an article by Chris Brasher and the mention of the Adidas Jogging Logbook/Award Scheme with the aim of being a Super Jogger by completing 250 hours of running – duly done after 10 months. I might have had Adidas shoes to run in but no sports watch or sat nav. So, it was the car mileage clock!

Before starting to run on a regular basis, I had played football and did pre- season runs up Hurstwood Lane and now extended using Colwell Lane, since the Bridleway has been improved. Sport was my big interest at school and we had a 10 standards Athletic achievement programme. By at the time I started school at Warden Park, I was captivated by the Rome Olympics Marathon, run in the cool of the evening, along a tree lined Avenue and seeing Abebe Bikila win barefooted in a World best time.

My weekly Comic featured the gutsy running exploits of Alf Tupper – an early version of one Seb Coe! So it came to past that my House Team won the XC event in a convincing way, packing the top 10 places with the 8 runners to count and yes, I was the last scoring member of the team. Ironically, we did not win the individual race, which was over one of the best courses around, but since severed by the building of the Cuckfield bypass.

There was in particular a stream to cross and a finish over the ‘golf links’. It was known as the Bog Trot – but nothing to do with the Sewerage Works!

In due course, Harriers were formed and Oathall School was the venue for the Annual XC Race event into Scrase Valley but eventually, the muddy tracks became gravelled paths and the event moved on. It is a pity the Warden Park course was lost in favour of a highway!

I was aware of the pre- Harriers via the exploits of the Peel Brothers and Tim French running up Eastern Road but then I went to college and moved to Brighton for work. Races began to spring up, but initially they were out of the County and my first race was the Petersfield 10.

I joined what was considered a ‘Fun Run’ club and the fact was that the races we were doing then were the West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL) events in the main. After competing in my first London Marathon, I was asked to help set up the Brighton 6 Mile Road Race out of Withdean Stadium. With an entry of around 600 athletes the winning time by a local club runner was a respectable sub 31 mins on a hilly course.

Back in Haywards Heath, I was asked to organise a Fun Run in Bolnore with only 2 weeks’ notice. Eventually, the Haywards Heath leg of the Mid Sussex Marathon used the paths there and I had the expectation that a footbridge would be built over the Relief Road where the Roman Road is. Now, that would have delivered a fantastic run towards the Downs and around Bedelands. Since then, Harriers have taken their races to several locations away from the Town.

My last race was the WSFRL – 2020 New Year’s Hangover 5 and the next race will be at Borde Hill in July. In the meantime, I have participated in some Virtual Runs and found new off road places to train around Town – in particular the Country Park and Wickham Fields. I am intrigued about the Borde Hill run and wonder if there is scope to facilitate a year round parkrun on the metalled surfaces there!

The one thing I was taught when I started to run was run to time and not distance, which I continue to do to this day - sat nav comes second!

I have been urged to recall some of my runs down the years and I wonder how I will arrive at my most memorable runs! At a rough guess, about 8000 runs to look at!'

Richard traversing the South Downs near Clayton

Athletes in profile... say hello to Andy Hind

Words Rob Watts / Pictures Andy Hind & Greg Hilton

Andy Hind only joined Harriers in 2017. But in just four years he has jazzed up the club’s online and social media presence and rebooted the club’s newsletter. In another exclusive Highwayman interview, our new co-chair bares more rather than we expected.

So, Andy. That accent. Let’s face it you’re not from round here, are you?

No, I’m from Kendal in The Lake District.

Ah, so you’re like one of those grizzled fell runners whose been scoffing mint cake and sprinting up Scafell Pike since the age of six - right?

Err, not quite. I did spend the first 20 years of my life in Cumbria, but never ran apart from at school. The following 20 years I spent mostly in London eluding exercise almost entirely. Much of my spare time back then was spent playing in bands. The main one was Iodine – so called because we thought we were an irritant to the eyes. It was actually my wife Carys who got me running. Back in 2013 she was training for the Brighton Marathon. I went on a 5K run with her and then started training for my own races. I was soon hooked.  

So how did you end up joining the Harriers?

You can blame Barry Tullett for that. We moved to Haywards Heath at the start of 2017 and one Saturday morning I got into a sprint finish with him on the downhill section of Clair parkrun. I’d started taking my running more seriously and Carys and I had recently moved down from London… we were hoping to meet new people. Barry had seen a bit of promise in me and I really liked the way he sold Harriers to me. To be honest, until then I’d never felt I was good enough to be a club runner.

And were you?

Well, I remember my first Harriers session – 400m reps at Whiteman’s Green. I was a bit too eager to impress. I went off like a rocket and was cooked after 200 metres on the first rep. I’m not sure I’ve entirely got my head around pacing to this day. When doing a recce of Leg 7 of the South Downs Way Relay recently I ended up running two minutes faster per mile than planned. Yes, I’ve got some work to do on pace discipline.

Give over, you’re being modest now. You ran the 2019 Gatwick Half Marathon in 1:23 and broke 18 minutes for 5K at Ardingly back in May. Are those the races you are most proud of?

Nope - I was most happy with my 2019 Mid Sussex Marathon time - 2:52. That’s the only time I’ll ever go sub three hours for a marathon! We had a load of Harriers doing those events that year. I knew the routes and it was really nice to finish high up the field. By complete chance I finished ninth in each of the three races.

And what about actual marathons – those not spread over three days?

Ah, I’ve got unfinished business there. I’ve done three: London, Brighton and Manchester. None went completely to plan. Let me show you.

Andy, why are you taking your top off?

So this tattoo here on my chest is for Brighton – double cramp, blew up, hated everything and, as you can see, I ran 3:26. At the end it was 50/50 whether I picked up the medal or was sick on the stones.

Charming. And this next tattoo. What’s that for?

London. 3:39 in 2016 – I got badly blocked at the back of the field. And then this tattoo here is for Manchester in 2018. That wasn’t a picnic either. I had a hamstring niggle a week before and my body wasn’t happy with me for running. There was a PB of 3:20. However, I couldn’t run again for another six months.

Ouch. You can probably put your top back on again now, Andy. But it’s not just marathons where you have unfinished business, is it? You’ve recently become co-chair of the club. What are you hoping to do with this role?

Three things really. First, I’d like more people to get the enjoyment out of Harriers that I have. That means increasing membership. But to do that we need to increase the number of coaches – which is the second thing we’re working on. We’ve already made headway with the Leaders in Running Fitness (LIRF) programme, but like many clubs we need more accredited coaches. Thirdly, a proper athletics track could be a real game changer for the Harriers. It would be fitting for a club of our stature to have access to a decent track all through the year. There are plans for such a facility and the club is working with other parties on pushing this forward.

Blimey, you sound like you know what you’re talking about on all this…

Ha! Well, I come from a communications background and began getting involved with the Harriers’ social media and website a couple of years ago, initially making it easier for people to see our site on their mobiles. I found that really rewarding and it has been a big part in why I decided to start my own business earlier this year. In 2019 I was made redundant from a senior comms role in the music industry and the voluntary work on the Harriers’ online presence played a big part in shaping my thinking about what sort of work I want to do in the future.

And what’s that?

I really enjoy building websites and providing advice about digital marketing to start-ups and established businesses wanting to get online.

Go on then, what’s the new business called?

Running Commentary, of course.

I suppose it had to be. 


Age: 45

Years running: Eight.

Years a Harrier: Four.

Favourite distance: Off-road 10K.

Favourite event: Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend.

Proudest moments: V40s Sussex Cross County Bronze medal – first competitive medal.

When not running: Music, gaming and craft beer. 

Get to know your Coaches and Group Run Leaders

This talented bunch of volunteers are all EA qualified coaches or Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF's) and give their time week in week out supporting the club!


Mike Bale

Head Coach (Throws)

Coach Martin

Endurance Coach

Marion Hemsworth

Endurance Coach

Linda Tullett

Junior Coach

Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF)

Endurance Run Leaders 



Ben Gibson

Group 1 - LiRF

Andy Hind

Group 1 - LiRF

Matt King

Group 1 - LiRF 


James Moffat

Group 2 - LiRF

Julian Boyer

Group 2 - LiRF

Barry Tullett

Group 1 - LiRF 


Andy Dray

Group 3 - LiRF

Ian Dumbrell

Group 3 - LiRF


Mark Sykes

Group 4A - LiRF

Liz Earley

Group 4A - LiRF

Hannah Gibson

Group 4A - LiRF


TIm Hicks

Group 4B- LiRF

Carl Bicknell

Group 4B - LiRF

Graham Kenward

Group 4B - LiRF


Michael Parish

Group 5- LiRF


Paul Cousins

Under 18's - LiRF

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