Training with Haywards Heath Harriers

From August 3rd, we are able returning to 'normal' training albeit with some adjustments to training numbers on the track. 

Tuesday Training

Meet at Warden Park Academy (Winter) & Whitemans Green (Summer)

Training Times:

School Years 4,5,6, 7 & 8:  6pm – 7pm                     

School Years 9 & 10:  7pm - 8pm

Seniors: 7pm - 8pm 

We are now based at our Summer location at Whitemans Green.

Please contact your club representative should you wish to discuss joining a session. 

More info about young athletes here

More info about Adult training  here

If you are interested, come and meet us or email: [email protected]

Endurance Running Group - Adults

The Tuesday coached session includes a warm up with dynamic stretching followed by some of ....variable pace work, hills, interval training , sprints, technique etc.  Everyone can train at their own pace so the session is suitable for all standard of runners. We often offer a choice of 2 different sessions.

Martin Delbridge our endurance coach has prepared a fantasic informative document about endurance running. It's too good to precis in one page so please download here and enjoy!

Martin heads a team of coaches, assistant coaches and Run Leaders who share the coaching load.

Adults Track and Field

At the Tuesday club session we also cater for Senior and Vet sprinters, jumpers and throwers

These sessions are led by Mike Bale and Lucie Venables and include a warm up with dynamic stretching and drills followed by a specific session.  These sessions cater for all abilities and are tailored to the individuals needs.

Juniors and Intermediates

For our young athletes we have taken on 'Athletics 365' which is new coaching initiative and will be delivering it to the club athletes.

Athletics 365 has been brought in by UK Athletics (UKA). They believe that effective and consistent delivery of this scheme, as part of a structured club development programme, will support the attainment of competency in the foundation skills of athletics in young athletes. This, in turn, will then hopefully support their goal of achieving success as a sport at a high level and producing a new generation of athletes. If you want to read more click here.

Whitemans Green (Summer)

Warden Park Academy (Winter)