Target Race + Distance

The benefits of training partners is well known so why not join up with fellow Harriers with shared interests and targets. Maybe you are running the same race or distance?

Check out the details and work together to reach your shared goals.

Brighton Marathon Training - Ian Dumbrell

Beetroots – I am running the Brighton marathon again this September, all being well.

I have run it three times before and the race has always won. I owe it this year by not crying in Shoreham. 

WHERE: Various - see plan

WHEN: Weekend - see plan

PACE: Variable - see plan 

Interested in joining this Group  - drop Ian  Dumbrell a message on Whatsapp. 

Breaking the 20min 5K - Andy Dray

A group focused on breaking the 20 min for a 5k. If you are wanting to improve your parkrun time then this could be just the thing for you. 

From July 26 for 10 weeks, Martin has crafted a 5K training plan. Anyone fancying a shorter run out (approx 1 hour) with a view to improving their 5K is more than welcome.

WHERE: Whitemans Green, Haywards Heath & surrounding areas.

WHEN: Flexible - weekdays / weekends.

PACE: Variable depending on session 4.00-5.00 min km / 6.30-8.00min mile, everyone welcome.

For more information, click on the plan.

Interested in joining this Group  - drop Andy Dray a message on Whatsapp. 

London Landmarks & Great North Run Half Marathon - Andy Hind

This year I'm lining up a few half marathons. If anyone fancies joining me on some training runs between July / September, I would be happy with the company! 

WHERE: Haywards Heath / Ardingly plus surrounding areas. Mixed terrain

WHEN: Flexible / weekdays & weekend

PACE - 7:00 min mile / 4.20 min km

Interested in joining this Group - drop Andy Hind a message on Whatsapp. 

Beachy Head Half Marathon - James Moffat

I will be doing the Beachy Head half marathon in October. If anyone else is doing this or fancies some training runs, give me a shout. 

WHERE: Hilly trails on the South Downs or Ashdown Forest

WHEN: Weekends or early weekday mornings

PACE - 4.45-5 min per KM / 7.10-8 min mile

Interested in joining this Group - drop James Moffat a message on Whatsapp. 

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