HHH 2020 VR Series Burgess Hill 10k


The route consists of an undulating out and back run between Burgess Hill and Hassocks and incorporates a few similar sections from the BH 5k.

Start Point

  • The run starts and finishes at the junction of Queens Crescent and Station Road heading South towards Chanctonbury Road.  If you're savvy you'll start your watch and running some 20m back on Station road to ensure Strava clocks you safely over the segment start line
  • 50m after the start follow the road round to the right which takes you onto Chanctonbury Road. This is a quiet residential road and I would advise you to keep to the left for the next instruction so make sure you cross safely and respect other users and social distance! 
  • Follow this for about 900m until you come to Nightingale Lane on your left.
  • Follow Nightingale road round to the right and enjoy the nice downhill. Turn right again completing a ‘U-shape’ which brings you back out onto Chanctonbury Road.
  • Turn left onto Chanctonbury and run about 100m towards London Road and turn left again joining the main cycle path between Burgess Hill and Hassocks
  • Fans of the BH 5k should recognise this bit as you ping all the way down the cycle path until you get to Shepherds Walk. Again, it is nice and wide and there is loads of space for all so don’t be a numpty.
  • Head left into Shepherds Walk and left again going clockwise around the loop. *Don’t run a complete lap!*
  • Before you get all the way round take a double left into Priory Road and then Friars Oak Road. These are very quiet residential streets again and are not through roads so there shouldn’t be much traffic but keep respectful
  • Not gonna lie, the next 1km is almost entirely uphill. So embrace the gentle hurt and be thankful you don’t have anything worse to deal with.
  • Follow Priory Road round to the right and then cut through to Semley Road. This requires a funky little zig-zag so get those dancing shoes on and do a jig. Don’t be a plank and attempt some much-needed steeplechase over the barrier. It won’t end well and keep an eye out for pedestrians.
  • After zig-zagging like Jason Robinson on hot coals, make sure you feel suitably sorry for yourself by shuffling all the way up the hill until you get to Stanford Avenue on your right.
  • On Stanford Ave you’ll cruise through the 5k point resembling a highly charged Gazelle. Take the second right onto Stonepound Road and do your best Eddie the Eagle impression all the way down the hill.
  • This road has a little S-bend in it so be sensible and keep your eyes peeled. It is still a very quiet residential street so you shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Along Stonepound Road you have to run over a crossroads so PLEASE GIVE WAY! Cross over Little Copse Road onto Priory Road and head back towards our Sherpherds Walk loop.
  • When you get to Sherpherds Walk take a right and do the loop ANTI-clockwise which takes you back to our favourite cycle path on London road.
  • We’re heading for home now so get rid of the clogs, stick the Vaporflies on and get focussed. Follow the cycle path all the way back, being friendly and distant to our sit-down exercise chums at all times.
  • Head right into Chanctonbury Road and then right again into Nightgale lane (NOTE – on the Segment I was a bit of a melon and actually went right into Clayton Drive but it’s no drama if you do this as there’s a nice cut through onto Nightingale lane). The segment will still pick you up and the distance change is probably tinier than a teeny tiny thing.
  • Trot up Nightingale Lane – we’re into the last 2km now so stop being a fairy and work those arms up the hill.
  • Crest the hill and take a left where you will re-join Chanctonbury Road.
  • Last KM now so make sure you gender-specific-UP and give your best gurn til the end.
  • The finish line is where you started on Queens Crescent but to make sure Strava clocks you turn left for 20m down Station Road and only then touch your watch.  Strategically, there is a Papa John’s Pizza there too. Not sure if they’re open but most places seem to be doing take-out so if you time it nicely I am sure they’ll have something ready for you. From a distance, of course.
  • Enjoy!