HHH 2020 VR Series Burgess Hill 5k v1

See Strava Segment

Start Point

The start is on London Road (A275) about 600m south of the roundabout with the Jane Murray Way bypass

The route starts and finish at exactly the same place and even has a line on the road!  To be doubly sure you don’t get a GPS precision error it makes sense to start 40-50m back from this and make sure your GPS device is recording when you start moving

Starting on Left side of London Road, head off south down the cycle path towards Hassocks. This is a nice, flat and wide cycle path so you may have a few cyclists using it (especially at the moment!) but it is pretty wide and does have lanes so shouldn’t be too troublesome. 

The only potential dodgy bits to look out for are an entrance to a garden centre and the Friars Oak Pub. Unfortunately the Southdowns Way Relay is cancelled this year so don’t go channelling your inner Leg 17 Hero by stopping for a quick half.  The pub is shut anyway so you’ll only lose time!

300m after the pub you’ll come to Shepherds walk on the left (same side of road you’re running on). Head in there and then left again following the road all the way round.  This is a very quiet residential road so shouldn’t be too busy but there are paths all the way round.  Don’t go into any of the side roads and follow the road all the way round  in a clockwise direction.  The loop is about 600m long and you need to do 4 laps. Don’t get dizzy! We’re pretty certain Strava can count so don’t go cutting out a lap.

When finishing the 4th lap head back  towards London Road and then turn right running back along the main road (London Road) you started on.  Don’t be distracted by the pub and give it the beans all the way back to where you started.

Finish Point

Where you started (see photo) but again, make sure you run right through the finish line and don’t stop your GPS device too early or you risk “no result”.

Have fun! 😊