HHH 2020 VR Series HH West 5k v1

Start Point

The segment start point is adjacent to Miller & Carter, Butlers Green Road B2272 - between the post on the left and the tree on the right. Suggest starting your effort from just round the corner on Paddock Hall Road to make sure it recognises you running the segment


The course:

Follow the pavement out towards Cuckfield, the route is paved but watch out for junctions/roads on your right and other driveways

  • Miller and Carter entrance
  • Entrance to NHS centre
  • Exit from NHS centre
  • Driveways

You will pass a roundabout on your left, keep going straight, there is a small lay-by you can run up onto if the pavement appears too narrow or there are pedestrians.

From here, the road is Tylers Green, A272

Follow the bend round to the right and keep heading towards Cuckfield.  There are more driveways on your righthandside along this stretch.  You will pass another rounadabout on your left, keep right heading into Cuckfield on what is now Broad Street B2184

Be watchful for cars at Hatchgate Lane and Horsgate Lane, both on your right. 

You will need to make a crossing at the traffic lights just beyond the Wheatsheaf Inn. 

Tip – having crossed Broad Street follow the higher footpath in front you to then cross Warden Court

 Having safely crossed Warden Court follow the road until at the entrance of Courtmead Road on your left, turn left into here, you are approaching half way – if safe to do so use Courtmead Road to pick up some pace (it’s a nice straight road!) heading right towards the bottom of the road.

At the bottom of Courtmead Road you will need to make a turn back on your self – swing out wide to the right and then head back down Courtmead Road to where you have come from.

Beware trying to “short turn” the Courtmead Road Hairpin – the GPS track will have you outed and you may get “no result”

At the top of Courtmead Road turn right – this time follow the lower crossing over Warden Court

Use the traffic light crossing to cross safely back over on to the pavement

You are on the way home now and it should feel more downhill than the first half!

Watch out for the driveways on your left this time as you head back to Haywards Heath and where you started the route from.

As with the outward leg, at the second roundabout on your right you can use the layby section if safe to do so

Watch out again for the following as you near the finish

  • Driveways
  • Exit from NHS centre
  • Entrance to NHS centre
  • Miller and Carter entrance

Finish Point

As you approach Miller and Carter you are very nearly there BUT do not stop at the tree on your left! You will need to follow the road around to the left heading down Paddock Hall Road – aim for the bus stop on your left as your finish line and you will have crossed the segment finish!  But perhaps and run on through the finish line to the junction with Sergison Road to assure your track