HHH 2020 VR Series - Lindfield 5k v1

See Strava Segment

Start Point

Start your watch at the bottom of School Lane on Backwoods Lane, opposite the Common. Jog to the junction of Backwoods Lane and Black Hill on the roundabout. Follow the pavement round to Black Hill and belt up Black Hill like a Bat Out Of Hell.

The Start Point of the segment is on Black Hill before the bus stop so be sure you are going like the Clappers by the time you reach it.

The Course

Head down Black Hill. the pavement gets a bit narrow in places. Ensure you are giving pedestrians the required space ‼️

Head to the mini-roundabout on West Common. turn left. Cross West Common Drive carefully  ‼️

Turn left into Blackthorns. If you run on the road, be careful it has ankle breaking ruts ‼️. Run the whole of Blackthorns to the roundabout at the end. Run around the roundabout and head back where you came from. Turn right onto West Common Drive.

Head up West Common Drive crossing the road carefully ‼️ to turn left onto West Common and head all the way down the hill to Oathall Road.

Run up the hill and turn left into Oathall Avenue. Run down the hill staying left at the roundabout at the bottom of the hill.  Keep running straight to Washington Road sticking on the pavement close to the house fronts if you can. Be careful crossing Penn Crescent ‼️, Woodstock Place ‼️ and Woodvale Lane ‼️ as you run along Hanbury Lane.

At the end, You CAN use the off road path to take you to Westlands Road and up the hill. Be careful crossing William Allen Lane ‼️ and Coombers Lane ‼️

Gird your loins for a Left Hand turn into Gravelye Lane and downhill section looking out for cars and pedestrians while crossing Rustlings Close ‼️, William Allen Lane ‼️ and Meadow Drive ‼️

Take a Left Hand Turn at the end of Gravelye onto Lewes Road and another downhill section to cross West View ‼️

Once safely alongside the Common you should PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN all the way to crossing Old School Court ‼️ and then taking a last left hand turn opposite the florists into the little car park - (Be Careful of Cars ‼️) and down the footpath on the right toward the playground.

Finish Point

The segment ends somewhere along the path to the playground so run past it and then enjoy the cool down to take you back to the top of the Common. The path is narrow so please be aware of pedestrians ‼️