Steve Horn - a poem

(April 01, 2017)


Steve Horn
7th June 1969 - 24th February 2017

 ~ ~ ~

Forever running

 Don't think that I have left the race,

If you cannot see me.

I am right beside you now,

And I will always be.


You cannot see the breeze as you run,

but this is very real.

Let God see your plight and turn the wind,

so it blows at your heels.


With the sun on your face and the wind at your back,

I will keep you company.

Over the South Downs, across the Weald,

or wherever you may be.


We are free as seagulls, or the daffodils,

that float lonely as clouds on the Sussex breeze.

Let me make you laugh and smile again,

and help you lift your knees.


So don't be down and don't be sad,

for life is all too brief.

Let us smile and run together -

Let me see those teeth !


Remember my motto : “enjoy yourself” !

and lift your hearts and minds.

Think of all we did together,

and treasure those good times.


Don't think that I have left the race,

if you cannot see me.

For I am always at your shoulder,

and forever I will be.


Mark Armitage  1 March 2017
For my best friend, Steve Horn.

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