(October 14, 2018)
Congratulations and thanks to all of you who competed in the inaugural 'Great Walstead 5' today. Thanks to everyone from Haywards Heath Harriers who made the race happen - without a brilliant bunch of volunteers the event simply wouldn't have been possible. Thanks also to the school for hosting us; we've already had lots of feedback about how lovely the course was. We know it was a bit congested at the beginning of the senior race, so we will move the start for next year to give you all a bit more space to get going.
If you have any queries about the provisional results, or any comments which you think will help us improve any future events, please email [email protected]
From the results team. Finish positions 172 & 230 are shown as "Unknown Runner" as a result of Bib No 324 being recorded twice at the finish.  If you can help resolve this issue then please email [email protected]

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