Bill Page Road Racing Club Championship after 5 races

(August 27, 2019)

The Bank Holiday weekend gave members an opportunity to get 1 or even 2 race results into their scoring log towards finding the Club's Overall Road Racing Champions.  Maybe the hot hot weather, maybe the clash of other races, maybe family life intervened but only 12 members scored at the eponymous Newick 10k and only 4 at the fast and furious Kings Head Canter 5k.  The latter in spite of the lure of a free pint.

Overall this now means 4 club members have a full scoring set of 3 races and a further 10 need to race at the Barns Green HM on Sunday September 29th to have a chance of these coveted awards.

In the Age Graded competition

For the Men: Tim Miller and Andy Hind have a full scoring set and Tim leads by 9 points.  However James Skinner and Julian Bower look likely to make a strong claim for honours if they enter Barns Green. A late flurry of races from "el Presidente" Mark Sykes looks unlikley to threaten.  Past Champion Ben Gibson seems to have surrendered without a fight.

For the Ladies : Lydia Levy holds a commanding lead over Carys Hind and are the only two ladies with a scoring set.  However, Sam Ridley's strong scores cast a dark shadow over Lydia's chances for glory with Chair Marion Hemsworth a little further back.  We await to see if they will enter BG.

In the Open Competition:

For the Ladies : the story is very similar to the Age Graded competition although Sam Ridley's position looks even stronger if she chooses to race Barns Green

For the Men :  Andy Hind holds a scoring advantage over Tim Miller of some 7 points, however James Skinner remains the real threat here, although a good run at BG from Julian Boyer could also challenge for second place.

For those without a HM score or needing a third race - Barns Green on Sept 29th needs to be in your diary!

Full race series and standing details here

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