Club Road Racing Champions: James Skinner and Sam Ridley

(October 02, 2019)

The HHH club road racing championship (aka “Bill Page Competition”) reached a climax on Sunday with the final race of the series – the Barns Green HM.  After 82 races by 51 club athletes across the 6 eligible races just 9 athletes met the criteria of 3 scoring races (at least 1 being a HM).


In the Age-Graded Competition

For the Men

James Skinner produced the highest ever HHH score for a HM and comfortably carried off the top slot.  A solid score from Julian Boyer enabled him to leapfrog over Tim Miller who sat out the final race to complete the 1-2-3

For the Ladies

Sam Ridley produced a stunning high score to leap into the top position she has threatened all season – especially with multi-year winner Marion Hemsworth missing out.  Lydia Levy and Carys Hind took 2nd and 3rd slots.


In the Open Competition

For the Men

The age graded results cascaded through with James and Julian taking the first 2 places, however, Andy Hind stepped in front of Tim Miller to take the bronze position.

For the Ladies

With just 3 competitors securing the necessary 3 races the results were unchanged from the age-graded competition.


Apart from the 9 athletes who completed the scoring series of 3 a further 11 Beetroots completed 2 races.  It seems unlikely if any of those athletes could have taken one of the top spots but would certainly have threatened the silver/bronze positions had they found a way to fix that third race.

In terms of the races in the series : the Kings Head Canter 5k and Hove Park FRL event were the least popular.  The club will consider this, when reviewing any changes for the 2020 competition.

Full race series and standing details here

Competition history, results and further information here

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