Virtual Junior 2k - Latest

(July 27, 2020)

Mon 27th July
A couple of late results have arrived - but Grace and Arun retain their positions.

Sun 26th July

Well, unless someone is running over-night then it looks as though all the results are in.
So, well done do Grace and Arun, winners of the inaugural Virtual Junior 2k.

Sat 25th July

Results are pouring in ... but some are saving themselves for Sunday

Thu 23rd July

With only five colts having emerged from their stables results are a bit thin at the moment.  Perhaps the other contenders are waiting for the weekend.

Ranking is done by the age-grade percentage and it is a coincidence that the ranking by time is identical to the ranking by age-grade percentage - as will become apparent when more results come in.  Perhaps El Presidente might calcualte the probability of this coincidence.

Results so far:


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