HHH April 2023 Virtual 10k

(April 14, 2023)

Remarks by President Biden After Day 6 Of The Harriers Virtual 10K Challenge – The Comeback

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Roundabout at End of Blackthorns
Lindfield, The Kingdom of United

7:45 P.M. BST Thursday 13th April
Q    Mr. President, how are you feeling?
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  I’m feeling a little woozy, and…., and…, damp. I learned a lot hanging out with the Stan and Ollie though.  (Laughter.). Sorry Ben and Ollie. Beauuuuudiful rainbows you have over here!
Q    Mr. President, what was it like watching the racing close up and personal?
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  It feels great.  You know, I know it sounds silly, but there’s so many Haywards Heath Harriers, like me, who got here and got to Blackthorns in like 45, or 51 minutes, who’ve never been here that fast before.  And they talk about it.
The interesting thing — and I know many of you have the same experience with your running wherever the country of origin was.  But you hear all these stories about, you know, what it was like back in Lindfield, and they heard from their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents. 
And the thing — on my first trip over here, when I went to Colwell Road or Bolding Way, and I looked down and I — my Grandfather Sykes used to say — his grandfather Tim Hicks, in Scaynes Hill, used to say, “Scaynes Hill, Sussex is just like the Colwell Road.”  And I thought, “How could that be?”  Well, you stand there and you look. 
In Scranton, there’s a river that runs through it called the Lackawanna River and a mountain on either side and the valley.  And where we lived, if you look down and see — you could see how, 100 years earlier, it would be — it would look like the Ouse.  And there’s all those things.
Anyway, it’s just so great to always have an excuse to come back. Thank you Haywards Heath Harriers that have run so fast – whoosh. So impressive. It would be just dandy if we saw a few more right up until my bedtime, sorry up until Black and Tan, sorry, right up until end of day on Saturday 15th April. Yes sirree sir.

Here are the Score On The Doors you good people. God Bless Beetroot.

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