Club Road Race Championship Barns Green HM

(September 24, 2023)

A belated report as your club's statistican took an extended holiday and has been chasing up age information for new joiners who took part in this race.

There is already a full report on the race (and also the 5k and 10k events) on our website here

However, when the mysticicism of age-grading is considered...

For the Ladies, Lins Blain showed her class  with a magnificent 72.04%, with Rachael Overton  nearly 3% pts back

In the Men's competiton, it was extremely close:  Ian Kenton with a ranking of 77.21% narrowly pipped Ben Gibson 77.15%  (thats a gap of somewhere around 3-4 seconds).  Ben Duncan was close with 76.88% - about 21 seconds down.  It's worth noting that had we continued to use the 2020 age factors the results on the male ranking would be different!

You can find the results of all 23 HHH finishers here

A separate News Item will detail the results of the Bill Page series covering all 3 races.

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