Margaret breaks 90!

(June 08, 2014)

Margaret Hollamby became (we think) the first Harrrier to break the 90% mark for an age-grade score while winning the club's 5k championship run in conjunction with the WSFRL race at Hove Park on Sunday.   Phil Radford clocked an impressive 16:45, but had to be content with 3rd place behind Mike Scholes and Paul Cousins - the latter "fresh" from his exploits on the South Downs

  Men Top 3 Age Grade Result
1 Paul Cousins 83.69
2 Michael Scholes 78.56
3 Phil Radford 77.85
  Ladies Top 3  
1 Margaret Hollamby 90.01
2 Marion Hemsworth 80.74
3 Marguerite Lazell 76.66

 Full Results here

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