HHH U13 Win Plate final

(September 07, 2014)

What a team!  HHH U13 team beat Lewes, East Grinstead and Eastbourne to win it.  Overall we finished 7th at the final, but as our league position left us in the bottom half of the league, this meant that we contested the Plate trophy at the Final. 

1 2




Girls: Jasmine Mamoany, Sophie Hooper, Isobel Russell, Libby Ackland-Hancock, Charlotte Donnelly, Lucy Wainwright, Anna Kenward, Freya Smit, Freya Southwell, Freya Sambell
Boys: Adam Dray, Chris Anson, Tishon Price, Paddy Thorne, Theo Maton, Kim Ranson, George Bower-Nye, Ryan Moss, Ben Fenner-Meadows, Jacob Worsley Watts

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