Lindfield 5m/NRR virtual race Now - to 23:59 Sunday January 10th 2021

Happy New Year all Beetroots.

We know you’ve missed that cold steep climb up to Cissbury ring known as the WSFRL Hangover 5..but fear not, your trusty organisers have devised a new race for a New Year that you don’t have to travel to : the Fast & Furious Lindfield 5mile run.

This is a 4 lap course with a good straight finish to really allow you to put those new Christmas shoes through their paces.  You can find the route here.  If you felt cheated by someone or other on the last virtual 5k...well revenge can be sweet here.  You can be sure that Harriers usual mix of statistical analysis (age graded) table etc as well as more pithy and esoteric reporting will be available on our website.  There may even be awards for the most striking navigational errors : hint the laps should be run Anti-Clockwise  (or turn left for those not familiar with rotary clocks)

All our usual rules apply

  • Upload to Strava, and make run public
  • Start watch well before start line, stop watch after finish line (ie at the roundabout at the dead end of Blackthorns)
  • Respect social distancing with members of the public and other runners: run on your own or in household unit. 
  • Don't run at school drop-off / collection times
  • Wear Hi-viz if running after dark
  • Take care at road crossings/sharp turns if surface icy
  • Multiple efforts are allowed
  •  Juniors over 15 can run (and we would like you to) but contact Marion in advance to agree safety measures

The Race window is open NOW and all runs must be completed by 23:59 on Sunday 10th January


HHH will use the results to enter a team into the National Road Relay round 1 competition here .  We need a minimum of 4 men and 4 ladies (any age over 15) to get a team out, probably more in case the sharp eyed scrutineers at EA find any technical infringement of your GPS tracks.  Our very own supergeek/boffin Ian Dumbrell will be on hand to help with registering runs with EA which should be done here .  We know some of the usual Sussex culprits are getting teams out : Arena 80, Lewes entries already spotted so we need to be at peak performance.


“The VR Crew”