Strava Art Competition - Let your creative side run free!

(February 11, 2021)
The HHH February Strava Art Challenge will take you on a creative odyssey over Sussex hill and down Sussex dale. It’s a further feat of daring-do and it needs YOU!
Over the remainder of February, we want you to create your very best artistic output using your activity route on Strava! 
Very few rules apply in order to encourage you to be as creative as possible, but decency is an over-arching requirement. If you couldn’t show this to your Mother/Son/Favourite Relative then do not submit it to the judging panel, better still do not even draw it on Strava!!
For those of you that are new to the phenomena, sitting down with a map before you go out is a good first step, take a look at this useful guide from Runner’s World to get you started!
There is no need to race the route, but you can of course combine it with a training run for the recently announced HHH Spring Series Virtual Race!!!
The closing dates for entries is end of play on Sunday 28th February, and the Judging Panel will be sitting pretty soon thereafter. A prize (oooo!) is on offer for the most creative submission.
Submissions to the competition can be pointed to on WhatsApp Beetroot Chat along with any supporting commentary that provides context to your piece’s artistic motivations. Yah yah.
Join in and have a bit of fun with it!! And if you need inspiration, take a look at this:
The HHH Strava Art Judging Panel 


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