Virtual 6 Leg SDW Relay

The Organisers of the Harriers Summer VR series have taken on the challenge of organising a virtual relay across 6 of the legs of the famous Southdowns Way Relay which has been cancelled this year.  Harriers members have volunteered, team captains appointed and by the skill of the organisers allocated to roughly equal teams whose times have been predicted.  The participants will be active through the weekend 20-21 June 2020.

Full instructions are here and have been sent directly to all participants.

We are sure they will run hard and compete fairly. Strava is not being used to validate times for this event.  So

Runners: Please don't pause your watch at stiles, gates, road crossings or when social distancing - TURN THE AUTOPAUSE OFF! Elapsed times only count!


Results will be captured by team captains and fed back to race HQ who will produce an intermittent snapshot of progress and post it onto the HHH website News pages here.

Participants and legs are below - Team Names to follow!